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AAR - Association of American Railroads

ABI - Automated Broker Interface

ABS - American Bureau of Shipping

ACE - Automated Commercial Environment

ACEP - Advisory Committee on Export Policy (USA)

ACDA - Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (USA)

AD - Anti-Dumping

AFT CEE - Apparel, Footwear, and Textile CEE

AG - Australia Group

ALADI - Spanish acronym for Latin American Integration Association (LAIA)

AMF - Airport Mail Facility

ASEAN - Agreement of Southeast Asian Nations

AT - Anti-Terrorism

ATA - Air Transport Association

ATFI - Automated Tariff Filing Information System

ATP - Advanced Technology Products

AWB - Air Waybill

BAF - Bunker Adjustment Factor

BB - Breakbulk

BBLS - Barrels

BDLS - Bundles

BEET - Business Executive's Enforcement Team (USA)

BIS - Bureau of Industry and Security (USA)

BOL - Bill of Lading

CAF - Currency Adjustment Factor

CAPSTAN - Computer Aided Planned Stowage and Networking System

CARAT - Cargo Agents Reservation Air Waybill Issuance and Tracking

CARBN - Caribbean Common Market Commercial Invoice

CB, CBW or CW - Chemical and Biological Weapons

CBD - Cash Before Delivery

CBP - U.S. Customs and Border Protection

CC - Crime Control

CCATS - Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System

CCC - Commodity Classification Automated Tracking

CCCN - Customs Cooperation Council Nomenclature

CCI - Canadian Commercial Invoice

CCL Commerce Control List

CCOO - Canadian Certificate Of Origin

CCS - Cargo Community System

CED - Canadian Export Declaration

CEE - Center for Excellence and Expertise

CF 28 - CBP request for more information, due to insufficient information on an individual shipment

CF 29 - Notice of action issue if CBP believes there is misclassification or improper duty paid

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations (USA)

CFS - Container Freight Station

CI - Commercial Invoice

CIB - Commercial Invoice Billing

CIF - Cost, Insurance and Freight

CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid

CIS - Commercial Invoice Shipping

CIT - Court of International Trade

CJ - Commodity Jurisdiction

CL or C/L - Carload

CO - Country of Origin

COAC - Customs Operations Advisory Committee

COD - Cash on Delivery

COFC - Container on Flat Car

COGSA - Carriage of Goods by Sea Act

COINV - Covering Invoice

CL - Conatiner Load

COO - Certificate of Origin

COO - Country of Origin

C & F - Cost and Freight

C & I - Cost and Insurance

CPOA - Customs Power of Attorney

CROSS - Customs Ruling Online Search System
CTM - China Trade Management

CTP - Composite Theoretical Performance

C-TPAT - Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

CVD - Counterveiling Duties

CWC - Chemical Weapons Convention

CY - Container Yard

DCS - Destination Control Statement

DDP - Deliver Duty Paid

DDU - Deliver Duty Unpaid

DEL - Demand Export License

DEQ - Delivered Ex Quay

DES - Delivered Ex Ship

DISA - Data Interchange Standards Association

DOA - Department of Agriculture (USA)

DOC - Department of Commerce (USA)

DOD - Department of Defense (USA)

DOE - Department of Energy (USA)

DOI - Department of Interior (USA)

DOL - Department of Labor (USA)

DOS - Department of State (USA)

DOT - Department of Transportation (USA)

DPEP - Non-Designated Port Exemption Permit

DPL - Denied Parties List (USA)

DRP - Diversion Risk Proliferation

DTC - Office of Defense Trade Control (USA)

DTSA - Defense Technology Security Administration (USA)

DWT - Dead Weight Tonnage

EAA - Export Administration Act (USA)

EAB - Export Administration Bulletin (USA)

EAR - Export Administration Regulations (USA)

EARB - Export Administration Review Board (USA)

ECASS - Export Control Automated Support System

ECN - Export Control Number

ECCN - Export Control Classification Number (USA)

ECD - Export Counseling Division (USA)

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

EE - Export Enforcement

EFTA - European Free Trade Agreement

EI - Encryption Items

EIN - Employer Identification Number (USA)

EMS - Export Management Systems

EPCI - Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative

ERIC - Electronic Request for Item Classification

ESS - Export Seminar Staff (USA)

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

ETC - Export Trading Company

ETD - Estimated Time of Departure

ETS - Estimated Time of Sailing

EU - European Union

EX DEC - Export Declaration

EXW - Ex Work

FA - Free Alongside

FAF - Fuel Adjustment Factor

FAK - Freight of All Kinds

FAS - Free Alongside Ship

FC - Firearms Convention

FCA - Free Carrier

FCL - Full Container Load

FCPA - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (USA)

FEU - Forty Equivalent Units

FIFO - First In, First Out

FIO - Free In Out

FIOS - Free In Out and Stow

FMC - Federal Maritime Commission (USA)

FMS - Foreign Military Sales

FMV - Foreign Market Value

FO - Free Out

FOB - Free On Board

FOB FACTORY - Free On Board Factory

FOT - Free On Truck

FPG - Foreign Parent Group

FSN - Foreign Service National

FTA - Free Trade Agreement

FTA - Free Trade Area

FTO - Foreign Trade Organization

FTSR - Foreign Trade Statistics Regulation

FTZ - Foreign-Trade Zone

FTZA - Foreign Trade Zone Act

FWS - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

GA - General Average

GATT - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

GL - General License

GPO - Government Printing Office (USA)

GRI - General Rules of Interpretation

GSP - Generalized System of Preferences

GTM - Global Trade Management

H/H - House-To-House

H/P - House-To-Pier

HHD - Hogshead

HMF - Harbor Maintenance Fee

HPC - High Performance Computer

HS - Harmonized Schedule

HTS number - Harmonized System Tariff Number

HTSUS - Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the U.S.

HWA - Hold Without Action

IATA - International Air Transport Association

ICN - IATA Code Number

IC - Import Certificate

ICC - Interstate Commerce Commission (USA)

IEEPA - International Emergency Economic Powers Act

IFR - Interim Final Rule
IFTA - Israel Free Trade Agreement

ILA - International Longshoremens Association

IMCO - Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative

IMDG - International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

INCOTERMS - International Commercial Terms

IOR - Importer of Record
IPI - Interior Points Intermodal

ISF - Importer Security Filing
ISO - International Standards Organization

ITC - U.S. International Trade Commission

ITD - Intent to Den

ITDS - International Trade Data System (AKA "Single Window")

JIT - Just in Time

JOC - Journal of Commerce (USA)

KD - Knocked Down
L & D - Loss and Damage Claim

LAIA Latin American Integration Association

LASH - Lighter Aboard Ship

LCL - Less Than Container Load

LDC - Less Developed Country

LE - License Exemption

LIFO - Last In, First Out

LO/LO - Lift On/Lift Off

LOC - Letter of Credit

LTL - Less Than Truck Load

MARC - Missile Annex Review Committee

MCI - Mexican Commercial Invoice

MFN - Most Favored Nation

MIDCL - MI Bank Direct Collection Letter

MKS - Marks and Numbers

MPF - Merchandise Processing Fee

MRO - Material Release Order

MRP - Manufacturing Resources Planning

MSC - Minimum Security Criteria

MT - Missile Technology

MTAG - Missile Technology Advisory Group (USA)

MTCR - Missile Technology Control Regime (USA)

MTEC - Missile Technology Export Control Group (USA)

NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement

NCBFAA - National Customs Brokers and Forwarders
Assn. (USA)

NCOO - NAFTA Certificate of Origin

NES - Not Elsewhere Specified

NIS - National Import Specialist
NLR - No License Required (USA)

NMT - Office of Nuclear and Missile Technology Control (USA)

NO., NOS. - Number, Numbers

NOIBN - Not Otherwise Indicated By Name

NOS - Not Otherwise Specified

NPTC - Office of Non-Proliferation Controls and Treaty Compliance (USA)

NRC - Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USA)

NSD - National Security Directives

NSG - Nuclear Supplies Group

NVOCC - Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier

OAC - Office of Anti-Boycott Compliance

OBL - Ocean Bill of Lading

OC - Operating Committee

OEA - Office of Enforcement Analysis (USA)

OEE - Office of Export Enforcement (USA)

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEXS - Office of Exporter Services (USA)

OFAC - Office of Foreign Assets Control (USA)

OGA - Other Government Agency

OR&R - CBP's Office of Regulations and Rulings
OS & D - Over, Short and Damaged

P/H - Pier to House

P/P - Pier to Pier

PECSEA - President's Export Council Subcommittee on Exports (USA)

PECSENC - President's Export Council Subcommittee on Encryption (USA)

PEP - A politically exposed person (PEP) is defined by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as an individual who is or has been entrusted with a prominent public function

PGA - Partner Government Agencies

PL - Packing List

PO - Purchase Order

PRC - People's Republic of China

RO/RO - Roll On, Roll Off

ROK - Republic of Korea

RS - Regional Stability

RVC - Regional Value Content

RWA - Return Without Action

SADC - South African Development Community

SCL - Special Comprehensive License

SDN - Specially Designated National

SDT - Specially Designated Terrorist

SED - Shipper's Export Declaration

SFSC - Shared Foreign Sales Corporation

SI - Significant Items

SIC - Standard Industrial Classification

SIES - Office of Strategic Industries and Economic Security (USA)

SITA - Society International de Telecommunications Aeronautique

SITC - Standard International Trade Classification

SL & C - Shipper's Load and Count

SLCD - Special Licensing and Compliance Division

SLI - Shippers Letter of Instruction

SNEC - Sub-Group on Nuclear Export Coordination

SQL - Structured Query Language

STELA - System for Tracking Export License Applications

STFPC - Office of Strategic Trade and Foreign Policy Controls (USA)

TAC - Technical Advisory Committee

TEU - Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit

TCP - Transmission Control Protocol

TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol

TDCC - Transportation Data Coordinating Committee (USA)

TEU - Twenty Equivalent Units

TDO - Temporary Denial Order

TFA - World Trade Organizations Trade Facilitation Agreement
TFTEA - Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2016

TIB - Temporary Importation Under Bond

T.I.R. CARNET - Transit International Router Carnet

TIR - Trailer Interchange Report

TOFC - Trailer On Flat Car

TPC - Trade Policy Committee

TPVT - Textile Product Verification Teams (AKA "jump" teams)

TS - Tariff Shift

TSN - Trade Support Network

TVA - Time Volume Agreement

UCC - Uniform Commercial Code (USA)

UCC - Union Customs Code

UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UOM - Unit of Measure

UF&FCS - United States and Foreign Commercial Service (USA)

USCOO - United States Certificate of Origin

USITC - United States International Trade Commission

VAN - Value Added Network

VAT - Value Added Tax

VRA - Voluntary Restraint Agreements

W/M - Weight or Measurement

WA - Wassenaar Arrangement (USA)

WRO - Western Regional Office

WRO - Withhold/Release Order
WTO - World Trade Organization