Management Dynamics Releases End-Use Manager to Help Companies Reduce Trade Compliance Risks

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janvier 20, 2010

Management Dynamics Releases End-Use Manager to Help Companies Reduce Trade Compliance Risks

New On-Demand Solution Enables Cross-functional Teams to Create and Manage End-Use Statements for Customers, Vendors and Employees

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ, January 20, 2010 -- Management Dynamics, a leading provider of Global Trade Management solutions, today announced the release of End-Use Manager, an on-demand solution that generates end-use surveys for parties involved in any cross-border transaction. The new solution allows a trade compliance team to comprehensively survey and collect end-use statements from customers, suppliers and employees, establishing a standardized process for managing and ensuring compliance with international trade regulations.

"Companies that manufacture and export licensable goods must ensure that their customer and the intended end-use are approved and in compliance with export regulations. However, today this is largely a manual process that is difficult to administer, especially across a global enterprise," said Adrienne Braumiller, Partner, Braumiller Schulz LLP. "Management Dynamics' End-Use Manager provides companies with the tools necessary to ensure that their shipments are delivered to the approved trade party and destined for friendly end-use."

End-Use Manager can be flexibly deployed as a Web-based portal across any global enterprise and configured to meet the specific requirements of different business units. Surveys can be developed by business unit, transaction type, origin country and destination country, and populated with a pre-configured list of questions. In addition, all parties to the transaction are screened against the major sanctioned party lists.

Management Dynamics' End-Use Manager offers the following key capabilities for companies to simplify trade compliance around product use and related professional services:

Enterprise Deployment - Implement an end-use process by geography, business unit, or product family with a flexible multi-organization deployment model and manage users with role-based security
Survey Configuration - Develop a comprehensive repository of questions and manage assignment rules to dynamically assemble a complete survey for end-use statements by customers, vendors and employees
Restricted Party & Critical Country Screening - Automatically screen each party to the transaction against a comprehensive list of restricted parties and embargoed countries
Generate & Distribute End Use Statements - Dynamically generate end-use statements based on all associated questions as well as the results of Critical Country and Restricted Party Screening in a PDF format for easy distribution via email
Review Audit Trail - Audit each transaction with complete visibility to the user and all survey questions and answers

"Today many companies rely on an inconsistent and, often inaccurate, manual process to administer end-use surveys to determine if the intended use of their shipped goods is in compliance with export controls," said Nathan Pieri, SVP Marketing & Product Management, Management Dynamics, Inc. "Our new End-Use Manager product makes it possible to manage the process centrally and distribute via a simple web-based solution for employees that must interact with customers, suppliers and contractors."